Stop being X, be Y instead



When I was 12–13 years old, my father bought me a PC with some cool games running windows. every month we were allowed to go for buying new CDs. I was looking at the CD labels with joy trying to decide which one I want to have this month. there were Discreet 3ds max CD with a funny stupid 3D soldier on its cover. but that was not a game! and shipping that CD would be waste of money for my father. I never got that CD and forgot that.. *

At University, we started a game development team as 5 young engineering students with absolutely no ideas how to develop a game. just because we thought games are fun! OK, now were should we start? I remembered that CD:

“I want to be an Artist!”

I said.

we’ve spent a whole summer developing a game called “Satyar-Return to Parseh” and won the best game award of 2nd Broadcast Engineering Conference in 2007.

And I’ve spent 7 years as 3D Artist.

after 7 years full of joy, work, and earning money from 3D artist works , one day I said to myself, hey, you can be one of top 10 best character/environment artists in the world! do you want to be as good as Alex Alvarez?! of course I do! beside that, I started to learn how to work with “Game maker studio” after 3–4 month playing with the tool and making some simple apps/games I found that field truly amusing! Suddenly one of my friends told me that we need a programmer for our game can you do it?! after listening to the project description, and thinking about that I can do every thing that the game designer wants, I have accepted the project and!

“I want to be a Programmer!”

I said.

The Memoranda game went well. So I kept looking for more programming opportunities. one thing led to another and here am I with 4 years of experiment as a game programmer.

Do I want to be one of the top 10 best game programmers in the world? Yes I do!

But I want to live a happy life. I want to enjoy my work and I need to learn more before my time is up!

So who knows?! some day I may stop being x = “game programmer” and be y = ? instead!

— * There were no Copyrights in Iran and we could buy a 3d studio max CD for less than $1.